Living to be reborn

I would be born again
I will live when this ends
I will make no mistakes
I will wait for the moment and rise up then

There’s no hope now when
Everything’s broken and it feels like a dead-end
I will give up for now
I will prepare better when i’ll start again

I won’t cherish this then
I won’t make the most of it when
Even though i am down
I will try not to rise up again

I have given in
I have lost my sense
I wont lose out and be defeated
I will live like i will never live again.


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Rudimentary Rambling [07-05-09]

Do i know what i want? Is it clear to me where i am headed? Am i even aware of where i want to go? Maybe i do but it’s like a vague picture. A blurred vision of an island while floating on a plank of wood surrounded by the enormous ocean that gives no direction. I just need to keep at it. Maybe the waves will lead me to the shore. Maybe i need to make a paddle and propel myself towards it. I just need to drive myself to not lose hope.

I have certain dreams. They do not involve getting a job or being successful. They just involve a considerable increase in the usage of the guitar, the vocal box, the use of pencils and paint and of course the programming of the computer. Some dreams.

My college as at an end and i feel i am not very good at whatever i came here for. But i take this end of phase as a means to better myself in things that are important to me. Maybe i will wake up this time. Maybe. Because it seems the habit of procrastination hasn’t gone away completely. I need to be doing things and not thinking about doing them.

There you go. Looks good. That’s what i want to say when i look myself in the mirror. The mirror that not only reflects the skin but the human within.

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Sitting, Waiting, Wishing by Jack Johnson

Here’s how i described this song to my friend:

Man! You have to listen to this. This is so tripping on me. I feel like having a girlfriend right here. It’s piercing through my soul kinda music. It’s making me all fuzzed up and i feel like flying away.

So maybe i went overboard. But it’s just that great. I won’t go into technicals. It’s acoustic with a really amazingly soothing voice. Just listen to it. Other notable songs from Jack Johnson are “Breakdown” and “Good People”. Enjoy.

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Dedicated to her

And then she rose like a petal flying in the wind,
Ever so graceful;
She saw me in that fleeting glance,
And was gone forever.

Have you ever felt like a wave?
In desperation to touch the shore?
Would you feel the same when you’re there?
And when it’s time to go back to the place you were before?

The heart is but an object of desire,
Let it beat it without a care,
Would you come and let me take a look at it?
Once you know it, not being with it would make it all bare.

Have you ever felt the rush of blood that they speak of?
When you were in front of me did you see me try?
My eyes never met yours and i never said a word,
I wish i could have said, I wish i could have dared.

A fleeting glance is all she had,
The blink of an eye on a busy street,
The muted sound of a heaving sigh,
The failed possibility of a divine meet.

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Black Heart Inertia

The new song by Incubus might not strike you on the first listen but take a look at the lyrics and adjust yourself to the heavy bass in the song and you will realize how beautiful a song it is. The song structure is different and you would expect that from Incubus. The starting riff could have had 4 repetitions but the first verse starts at two which gives an abrupt but a nice effect. Then there two pre-choruses or whatever you may call them. Alternating in their speed.

And then the chorus comes up:

“You’re a mountain that i would like to climb,

Not to conquer, but to share in the view.”

It just blew me away. Allegories are surely not lost on Boyd. I must say Kenney’s influence on the band is dominant with the heavy bass ringing throughout. I am a big fan of his last year’s solo album Distance and Comfort too.

The guitar riff after the end of the second chorus is more Einzinger on Light Grenades.

But this is one great song. And it alone makes for an exceptional listen. Kudos to you Incubus for making a great comeback.

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How strange do you feel,

When it comes and blows you away,

Without a thought, without a fight,

With no chance for you to say,

Like the torch going out,

Will you burn out, die of asphyxiation?

The vocal chords scream,

Hear them rising up your neck,

Feel them inside your teeth,

Let the tongue be the slope and make them jump.

The atmosphere is now so much more pleasant,

Your voice just found my ears,

The rhythmic vibrations within me,

The wound heals, the fear recedes,

Into the darkest of canopies.

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New Music this week

Found a nice album called Songs for my mother from Ronan Keating. I think it’s a cover compilation of old songs but done beautifully. Also Gomez are out with their new album called A New Tide. Brings back the eclectic music of Gomez that is so them. I liked Mix, If i ask you nicely and Win Park Slope a lot. Another album was With Teeth from Nine Inch Nails. I have always liked Everyday is Exactly the Same. I found some more songs to my liking but i think you really need to develop the taste for NIN. The rough voice may not be music to everyone.

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